“When a baby is born, so is a mother. And let me tell you the truth…
the birth of a mother can be more intense than childbirth.”
– Julia Jones

♡ Hi Amazing Mama!

Whether this is your first, second or tenth journey into parenting, for every new addition to your family you become a new mother. This transformation marks significant changes to not only your body, but also your mind and identity which can bring up, among others, feelings of joy, excitement, fear or even grief.  

As a Newborn Mothers certified postpartum professional, IECL Growth Ops certified coach and passionate facilitator of Mother’s Circles, I support new mothers to avoid loneliness and overwhelm, and feel truly heard, supported and connected in their parenting journey. I am here to support you to:

  • Melt into motherhood feeling comfortable, confident, capable and connected with yourself, your partner and your baby;
  • Negotiate the many physical, mental and spiritual changes you are experiencing as you become a new mother;
  • Acknowledge and process your excitement and fears so you can embrace your new identity and be the mother you want to be;
  • Rediscover what is truly important to you and your new family so you can make parenting and life choices easily and with confidence knowing they are the right decisions for you; and
  • Build friendships with like-minded mothers in your community and grow your village of support.

I am very excited to get to know you more and work together through this transformative time of your life!

♡ Kristie



This is the place for you if you:

Want to trust deeply in yourself, know that you are enough just as you are and be supported to take your own path through parenting.

Are eager to get clear on your parenting goals and expectations and know that you are the right parent for your child.

Want to strengthen your relationship with your partner and set yourself up for a realistic and enjoyable journey into parenthood.

Are ready to take a stand against the conspiracy of silence that is generating a culture of fear, shame and unrealistic expectations for modern parents.

Yearn to create a new paradigm where parents can safely express and process their thoughts, feelings, fears and challenges without shame or competition.

Kristie facilitates a warm, and open circle where there is no judgement and concern. You are free to open up and express your inner most feelings in a way that is liberating and ultimately a relief. And then like that, those ideas and issues are released with a new found sense of empowerment and acceptance. The true meaning of friendship and womanhood can be found in the ways the circle allows for a voice, but also doesn't make you the focus. A great experience."
- Amanda O.