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“What do you want for Mother’s Day?”


What do you want the kids to get you for Mother’s Day?” my husband asked me the other day. “I don’t know, I’ll have to think about it and get back to you.” was my reply.

So I’ve been thinking… what do I want for Mother’s Day?

And the answer is: Nothing really… Anything physical that I want that’s affordable or cheap, I go out and get when I need it. The things I really want either can’t be afforded for a Mother’s Day celebration, or simply can’t be gifted.

The things I really want are:

♡ To feel valued and appreciated.

♡ To have my physical and emotional needs met and supported.

♡ To be seen and heard by the people who love me.

♡ To have less pressure on my time to be places and do things that don’t truly add value to everyone involved.

♡ To have the freedom and support to discover and use my voice in a safe and protected way.

♡ To experience more cooperation and love in my life.

♡ To sit in the sun and feel the warmth on my skin; something I am experiencing less of now that the Canberra winter is approaching.

♡ To be able to sit in a comfortable space and enjoy a good cup of tea, be still in my mind and body and be comfortable with my own presence.

♡ To have positive interactions with my kids, sharing simple moments like laughing together, hugging, reading stories or watching them play with their environment and each other.

♡ To feel desired, loved, respected and appreciated by my husband.

♡ To have time to spend with my own mother, and family, who live on the other side of the country.

♡ To have uninterrupted time and be fully present in the company of my friends.

♡ To feel connected with my community, supporting and being supported by like minded people.

♡ To be challenged and supported at work, in a way where I am pushed out of my comfort zone so I can flourish and grow, but not too far so that I drown in inexperience or lose my self confidence.

♡ To be engaged in work that is valued and valuable, where I can help others to achieve their goals in a safe and supported way.

♡ To make a difference in the world by facilitating safe and welcoming spaces in which new mothers can overcome loneliness and overwhelm and feel truly supported, heard and connected.

♡ To celebrate the small and the big stuff, and create and preserve memories for my children to reflect on in their future.

These things are either already happening, or just aren’t the kind of thing you receive as a one off gift.

So I had to think hard and long about what the kids could share with me as a token of recognition, celebration and love. I told my husband, if they want to gift something physical, a massage voucher wouldn’t go astray because I really could do with a physical reset at the moment, but equally so, I’d be happy with a brekkie/lunch/afternoon tea together which I can imagine both my kids would take great delight in preparing.


What do you want to give or receive for Mother’s Day?

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