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Embracing holidays with the family

I’ve had some great time off these school holidays, just being with my family.

We have holidayed to Victoria, visited towns we have never seen before, stayed in houses with 4 flights of stairs (to the great delight of my eldest).

We have spent rare hours at the beach eating icecreams, collecting shells, chasing birds, burying our toes and legs in the sand and constructing tee-pees.

We have re-united with family, completed two new parkruns, volunteered, set new personal bests, met new people and given and received over 150 high fives.

We have eaten lots of comforting food at cafes and on picnics: filling our bellies with special treats like chocolate, ANZAC cookies, tea, pies, home-made scones and muffins and ice creams.

We have shopped in malls and markets, visited the dentist, explored Questacon, swam in the pool, and seen penguins and other magical sea creatures at the Aquarium.

We have experienced a 4D cinema, visited an old school video store, played at new and familiar playgrounds and walked through rainforests.

We have danced, read lots of stories and watched lots of TV.

We have enjoyed bike rides, tram rides, long car rides, and my little one and I even had a special plane ride together!

We have made loads of mess, tidied, cleaned, packed, unpacked,organised and gardened together.

We have taken loads of photos together, created new memories and laughed, smiled, hugged, cried, annoyed, yelled, and pulled faces with, and at, each other. 

20190415_121748 (2)

To be honest, while we did sooo much, I really battled to balance work commitments and make the conscious effort to be present in those moments we spent together.

When I did manage to embrace the moment, slow down and focus on spending quality time with my family I noticed such great benefits.

I realised calm I felt.

I realised how much more patient I was with the kids.

I realised how much more present I was with them.

I realised how much I enjoyed saying yes to things I would never normally say yes to.

I realised how much I enjoyed sleeping in, doing things in our own time and not having to rush about and be somewhere.

I realised how much I miss just… being.


What’s your favourite part of holidaying with your family?

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