About me

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”
– Lewis Carroll

♡ Hi there, I’m Kristie!

For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to working with women and children.  I started my career in Western Australia as an early childhood teacher; a role that taught me a lot about myself, the importance of having a village of support and the cost of not asking for help when you need it. 

I later moved to Canberra and worked as a room leader in childcare, caring for and educating infants from 4 months to 2 years of age. It was in this role that I made the invaluable understanding of the individual needs and personalities that babies have and the sheer joy and hard work it is to have a young person in your life. This role provided another steep learning curve and while it certainly built my confidence it could never quite prepare me for the extreme love and exhaustion I would experience as a mother to my own children. 

After leaving childcare, I shifted my career focus to a steadier human resources role in the public service and threw myself into my personal goal of creating a family and becoming a mother.

I was thrilled to fall pregnant in 2010 and after the initial all-day sickness passed around 18 weeks, I delighted in my pregnancy, and enjoyed preparing to create a new family. 

The long-awaited birth of my first daughter was the most empowering and affirming experience I have had in my whole life. I spent months preparing for her birth, did a little bit of planning for life after baby and very much looked forward to meeting her. The day she was born I entered the rewarding, testing and emotional world of parenthood. The world opened up to me in a whole new way: I threw myself into my new role of being a mother and I felt connected to myself, my baby, my partner, my community and other women in a way I had never felt before. 

Life was rich and full of love. 

It was also full of challenges and disappointments as I went back to work when my baby was just 5 months old and found myself weaving through the struggle of balancing parenting and work, and rationalising how my values, beliefs, practices and identity had changed since creating a family of my own.

38 weeks pregnant with my first daughter
39 weeks pregnant with my second daughter

I loved my family of three, but I knew in my heart that something was missing and that something was our second daughter. After a lot of planning to make a fourth family member fit into our lives financially, mentally and physically, three years after the birth of our first child I fell pregnant again. 


This pregnancy was very different to the first. On the outside, I had it all – a house and home, a new marriage, a healthy and happy child, a job that paid well and offered good maternity leave, but on the inside, I felt disconnected, fearful, unsupported and constantly ill from hyperemesis gravidas. 


While the birth went well, these emotions filtered through to my postpartum experience. I struggled to be the mother I wanted to be to my now 4 year-old as well as an infant. I lost my support networks and practical help due to moving house, and I found it much harder to connect with my friends due to competing work schedules. I didn’t ask for the help I needed as I felt I wasn’t deserving enough. I told myself again and again, “I’m not x or y, I don’t fit into a certain category to warrant asking for help”.


I ‘had it all’… and I was suffering in silence filled with shame, fear, hurt, loneliness and self-criticism.


After a disasterous return to work when my baby was 16 months old, I did some serious self-work, digging deep into my values and purpose. I changed jobs, surrounded myself with supportive people and built my confidence back. I realised that not only did I want to keep making positive changes in my own life, but I also wanted to help others to do the same – especially new mothers.


I have since obtained my coaching certification through the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL) and completed postpartum doula training through the Newborn Mothers Collective.


My passion is working with new mothers: whether it’s their first, second or tenth experience at parenting, with each new addition to a family, not only is a baby born, but so is a new mother.


I am inspired to help new mothers find their strength and confidence, to listen to their bodies, minds and hearts, and reaffirm their values so they can confidently make decisions aligned to these.

I am eager to challenge the isolation and fear around parenting, to help women build their villages of support and break down the culture of parenting shame that stops us from asking for, and receiving, the help we need. 


I look forward to helping new mothers, just like you, feel truly heard, confident, supported, and connected in their parenting journey.

♡ Kristie


Kristie's circles gave a group of busy, driven, hands on mums the opportunity and time to slow down and focus on themselves; their feelings and their dreams. It was also a wonderful opportunity to connect with other women. It's a much needed circle which I'd recommend to others.
- Alex R.
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