Mother’s Circle

Vulnerability is the glue that holds relationships together. Its the magic sauce.
– Brené Brown

♡ Are you searching for:

  • deep and meaningful connection with like-minded mothers in your community?
  • a space to share your true feelings as you undergo the life changing transformation of becoming a new mother (for the first, second, or even tenth time!)?
  • the opportunity to explore parenting challenges, redefine your evolving identity and find your true voice in a safe and supported way?
If so, then Mother’s Circle is the place for you!


Next Program Starts Friday February 14, 2020

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What is Mother’s Circle and how does it differ from a free mother’s group?

Mother’s Circle is:

  • a private and facilitated gathering of mothers (pregnancy to 12 months postpartum) who support each other as they undergo the life changing transformation of becoming a new mother – whether for the first, second, or possibly even the tenth time!
  • an interactive and welcoming space where you can emotionally and socially nourish yourself – not just your baby.
  • a place where you can speak from your heart and connect with yourself and others on a deeper level than that of a regular conversation with friends or family.
  • the space for you to see and be seen, hear and be heard, witness and be witnessed without judgement, competition or shame.
  • a place to be open, vulnerable and authentic where you have permission to let go of any shame or feelings of not being ‘enough’ or being ‘too much’.
  • the space for you to share your thoughts, feelings, concerns and struggles in an environment of acceptance and support without being ‘fixed’ or given advice – regardless of your feeding, sleeping or other parenting choices.

Each session includes an activity and a sharing circle guided by a set topic that focuses on you. Topics range from celebrating motherhood, exploring your new identity, maintaining self-care and exploring changes in your relationship with yourself, your partner, friends and family.

Is Mother’s Circle right for me?

Mother’s Circle is for you if you want to:

  • Overcome isolation and loneliness, and connect deeply and meaningfully with yourself and other like-minded mothers in your community;
  • Share your true feelings as you undergo the life changing transformation of becoming a new mother;
  • Explore parenting challenges, redefine your evolving identity and find your true voice in a safe and supported environment;
  • Be held, and in turn hold space for others as each mother shares their joys, fears and experiences in a non-judgemental and accepting way – without trying to fix, or be fixed;
  • Open up from a place of vulnerability, let go of any shame, feelings of not being ‘enough’ or being ‘too much’; and
  • Embrace yourself and each other, accepting each person for who they are at this time.

How much does Mother’s Circle cost?

There is something profoundly powerful about the longstanding tradition of bringing women together where they can support, embrace and inspire each other through the highs and lows of life. Regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs and practices, coming together with other mothers can have a life changing effect on you as an individual and as a new mother.

Sharing in circle builds on communication, collaboration, community and connection and is a true investment in you.

Until now, you’ve invested your body, your time and your money into creating and birthing your baby. Now you’ve realised the significance of becoming a mother: Its more than simply providing a roof over your family’s head and food on the table. Its more than setting up the nursery and stocking the cupboards with gorgeous clothes. Its about meeting your needs too so you can ‘pour from a full cup’ and be the mother you want to be.

Your investment in Mother’s Circle includes eight weeks of facilitated sessions which can help you to:

  • Formally declare that your needs are important too, and allow yourself to take the time to invest in you;
  • Be truly vulnerable: have the courage to be imperfect, the compassion to be kind to yourself and others, know your truth and be OK to simply be you – the good, bad and the ugly!;
  • Release thoughts, beliefs and practices which no longer serve you, and abolish the language and culture of shame by knowing that You are enough just as you are, and that You are not alone;
  • Define what is important to you, set intention, be more conscious in your parenting and life decisions, and live your life in alignment to your values;
  • Explore modern parenting celebrations and challenges in a safe and welcoming environment;
  • Heal broken or strained bonds with yourself, your partner, your own mother or other important figures in your life;
  • Explore new ways to meaningfully connect with others in a style that differs to everyday interaction;
  • Increase your oxytocin levels and build a strong sense of love, belonging and connection to yourself and others as you share from your head and heart, celebrating your own and other’s successes and honouring their challenges;
  • Develop strong, deep and meaningful relationships with like-minded women in your community, expanding your village of support; and
  • Build confidence and courage to return to your daily life, and be inspired to start new, let go, keep going, accept and make change, speak up, shift perspectives, be seen, create or move more, slow down or anything else that life demands of you so you can be the person you want to be.

Each session consists of an activity and a sharing circle guided by a set topic that focuses on you and your parenting journey.

Your investment in you is $490, and in addition to the above, also includes access to a private facebook community that continues to be a safe and supportive environment where you can continue to connect with Mother’s Circle members outside of the face to face sessions.

I am keen, but I have an older child, can I bring them along?

Mother’s circle is specifically designed for women with babies or young toddlers. To enable them to fully relax and get the most out of the sessions, many mothers choose to find alternative care arrangements for older children. Feel free to contact me to discuss your specific needs.

When and where is Mother’s Circle?

The next Mother’s Circle program begins Friday 14th February, 2020 and ends 3rd April, 2020. 

We meet weekly from 12-2pm at the Yoga Mum’s Fitness studio in Gold Green. 

Register your interest below for further details.

How do I enrol?

Please register your interest by booking here or using the form below and I will be in touch soon.

Can I try a session before enrolling? 
As Mother’s Circle is a safe and confidential space that is built on trust and connection, once the term starts, it is expected that all participants make the commitment to attend for the full 8-week program. To respect this commitment and confidentiality, it is not appropriate to accept casual attendance. However, arrangements for a trial class conducted prior to the commencement of the term is currently in progress. Please complete the form below if you are keen to receive up to date information regarding the trial class.

If you are unsure if Mother’s Circle is right for you at this time, and you have further questions, feel free to contact me and we can discuss your individual needs.

What are other people saying?

Kristie’s circles were such a beautiful experience. I felt whole, nourished emotionally and at peace whenever I had finished. I felt like I had a plan to tackle life and it was the circles that gave me the tools. I always felt heard, and able to express myself in whatever way was needed. It was nice to reflect on life, where we had been and where to next. I would highly recommend these circles to anyone. They are exceptional.
- Kristy M.
The Circle hosted by Kristie was a wonderful experience. The atmosphere was welcoming and accepting, and Kristie created a space of listening, understanding and support. I left feeling relaxed and as though my “cup was full” to take back into my everyday life and family. I think connecting with other women and sharing honestly in a supportive environment is something we all need. Thank you Kristie for a lovely, enjoyable and enriching experience!
- Katie C.
Kristie's circles gave a group of busy, driven, hands on mums the opportunity and time to slow down and focus on themselves; their feelings and their dreams. It was also a wonderful opportunity to connect with other women. It's a much needed circle which I'd recommend to others.
- Alex R.
Kristie facilitates a warm, and open circle where there is no judgement and concern. You are free to open up and express your inner most feelings in a way that is liberating and ultimately a relief. And then like that, those ideas and issues are released with a new found sense of empowerment and acceptance. The true meaning of friendship and womanhood can be found in the ways the circle allows for a voice, but also doesn't make you the focus. A great experience."
- Amanda O.

So, how does this all sound to you?

Are you excited about investing in yourself and being truly heard, seen and supported as you transform into a new mother?

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