After you give birth to a child, you are in what is probably the deepest transformation process of your whole life! Be gentle with yourself – it takes love and patience to move through this time. Eliminate all stress factors… and only have people around who truly support you, who let you be where you are and express what you need, and who know what its like to become a mother. People who can let you be messy – because all deep change brings a little messiness.
– Ulrike Remlein

Hey Canberra Mama!

I am so excited that you are taking the time to plan your journey into parenthood and set yourself up for a peaceful, enjoyable and realistic postpartum.

I truly believe that with each baby born, so is a new mother.

For centuries it was acknowledged that birth is an important and life changing event for a woman. With the birth of her new child, a woman passes from Maiden to Mother and enters a period of vulnerability and radical change in the following days, weeks and months. The healing and recovery associated with birth was acknowledged and celebrated, and new mothers were taken care of by their own mothers, sisters, and women from their community with good nutrition, rest and care. 

In today’s modern society many women are isolated from their extended families, have less community support and are under pressure to return to their pre-baby lives with little recognition for the radical physical, mental and emotional changes they have undergone.


With each new addition to our family we need, and deserve, more support. You don’t have to do it alone. Its OK to ask for help. That’s exactly what I am here for!

Who do you work with?

My in-home support packages are personalised and suitable for a range of parents in varying circumstances.

Maybe, like many Canberrans, you moved miles away from your family to live here, or maybe your family live nearby but are unable to support you in the way you need them to, so with the lack of family support you’re needing some extra help during this crucially important time of your life. 

Maybe you have twins or multiples and need a few extra hands around to help make the day run smoothly and ensure everyone is getting the love and care they need (including you!).

Maybe you experienced a C-Section or have other physical limitations that require extra support during the first few weeks and months postpartum.

Maybe your partner works long hours, works away or other circumstances have led you to be the sole carer of your child and you are looking for extra support during the postpartum period.  

Maybe you are simply craving some adult interaction and are looking for some extra emotional and social support and guidance through this enormous physical, psychological, and emotional rite of passage into parenthood.

Maybe you need some more practical support; an extra helping hand to run some errands, coordinate visitors, help with the housework, or free up some time for you to catch some much needed sleep, hang out with your older child/ren or help prepare a meal.

How exactly can you help me?

Through my premium packages, I provide practical and emotional support and guide you to:

♡ Share and process your true thoughts, feelings and fears as you undergo the life changing transformation of becoming a new parent (for the first, second or even tenth time!).

Uncover unhelpful thoughts, feelings, judgements and mindsets that may be holding you back from experiencing life and parenting in the way that’s right for you.

♡ Understand your values and create a vision that is right for you and your family, so you feel comfortable in your role as a parent.

Set intentions, free yourself from advice and create a postpartum plan that will bring enormous physical and emotional benefits to you and your family.
♡ Build your confidence to take your own path through parenting, knowing you are enough just as you are and that you are the right parent for your child.
♡ Create, and put into action, a personalised self-care plan of oxytocin building strategies that increase your peace, joy and connection with yourself, your partner and your baby in your postpartum experience.
♡ Expand your support networks and create a deep and meaningful connection with like-minded parents in your community..

Which package is right for me?


The Connect package is for mothers wanting to build their support networks in a group setting and connect with themselves and other like-minded parents in Canberra. It includes membership to one term of Mother’s Circle.

Mother’s Circle is an 8-week facilitated program where you can be truly heard, seen and supported in your transformation to become a new mother, deeply connect with yourself and other like-minded women, and expand your village of support. Your membership includes:

♡ 8 weeks of facilitated sessions including an activity and sharing circle guided by a set topic that focuses on you and your parenting journey

♡ Access to a private and supportive facebook community


More information about the Connect package can be found on my Mother’s Circle page


The Support package is for mothers wanting personalised home support in the first few months following the birth. It includes:

♡ A Postpartum Planning Session – Conducted in the comfort of your own home. This session may be used to discuss a range of topics depending on your particular needs and interests  including your dreams and fears, bonding with your baby and partner, sleep, breastfeeding, processing your birth experience, nourishing meals, introducing siblings, building your support networks etc.

♡ 3 Postpartum home visits of approximately 2 – 3 hours duration, depending on your requirements on the day. Each visit provides practical and emotional support and may include birth debriefing, connecting with your needs, setting intentions, food preparation, light housework, providing opportunity for you to nap, have a long shower or take a walk outside, preparing for your first outing with baby etc.

 A downloadable series of Conversation Starter Question Cards for Couples to prompt important conversations about your expectations, beliefs, values and parenting philosophies.

♡ Access to my private lending library for the duration of our time together, which covers topics including motherhood/parenting, birth and relationships.

♡ A special Mum Essentials Gift Pack.


The Empower package is for mothers who want both personalised in-home support as well as the opportunity to connect deeply and sociably with like-minded mothers and build their support network.

It is my most premium package and includes:

♡ Everything in the Connect Package.

 Everything in the Support Package.

♡ 3 Additional Postpartum home visits.

♡ An Extra Celebration Gift.

What are others saying?

You are a remarkable person.
Your super power, I think, is to accept people and know their nuances.
- Kristy M.

So, how does this all sound to you? Do you want to:

Increase your peace, joy and connection in the first few weeks and months of parenthood?
Clarify your vision, set intentions, free yourself from advice and create a postpartum plan that will bring enormous physical and emotional benefits to you and your family?
Uncover unhelpful thoughts, feelings, judgements and let go of mindsets that are holding you back from experiencing life and parenting in the way you want to?
Receive the personalised practical and emotional support you need during this important time of your life, so you can spend your precious time falling in love and looking after your baby? 
Expand your village of support and connect deeply with yourself and other women in your community in a safe, supportive and accepting environment? 


If you’re interested in a package or have any questions feel free to 

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and I will gladly book you in for a 

FREE 45 MINUTE CONSULTATION where we can discuss your personal needs

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